From Seed to Skin

At Jurlique, we’ve been cultivating nature’s gifts to craft premium skincare products since our inception.


Our journey began in the pristine hills of South Australia, where we harnessed the power of biodynamic farming to bring you the finest, most nurturing ingredients.


With deep roots in sustainability and a commitment to your skin’s health, Jurlique is more than a skincare brand – it’s a harmonious connection between nature and beauty.

Pure Elegance, Conscious Beauty

Sodashi, the art of quintessential purity, is your pathway to holistic well-being.


Rooted in age-old Ayurvedic principles, our brand believes in the power of nature’s intelligence. We meticulously select the purest botanicals and essential oils to create luxurious skincare that rejuvenates your skin, body, and spirit.


Sodashi is not just a skincare experience; it’s a journey to radiance, tranquility, and balance.


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